Hit the Highway!

Hit the Highway!

RVing through Alaska

There's something about RV travel that just makes one think of freedom. Maybe it's the open highway or the knowledge that you could be sleeping anywhere tonight. My family were summer RVers from the time I was little, and few things excited me more than the week my mom would spend filling up the camper with everything we needed to be self sufficient on the open road.

You don't have to drive from the lower 48 to Alaska to enjoy an RV adventure. Rental companies abound, which allow you to fly into the city of your choice and rent your wheels and home for your vacation. RV rentals give you a chance to enjoy the luxury of a fully appointed caravan without the high expense of purchasing one. You will still need to stock it with food and gear for your trip.


Once you're behind the wheel you have all of Alaska at your gas pedal. Make sure the RV is fully appointed with maps. A good GPS system is also a good idea. You don't want to get lost miles from civilization and the nearest gas station. Plan your routes carefully and talk to the locals. Fuel stops can be far between and Alaskan roads that were passable a month ago could be washed out this week. The locals can guide you more true than even the best map.


Where you go depends. You can tour a national park, take a trip to the coast, or visit one Fairbanks or another town. The Alaskan highway is a popular destination. It begins in Dawson Creek, BC, and ends in Fairbanks, AK. The Alaskan portion is completely paved, but manmade roads weather badly in Alaska so it's best to take it slow and check local conditions before heading out.