Touring Alaska

Touring Alaska

Are packaged tours the answer for you?

Alaska is a big state with more to see and experience than anyone can in a single trip. Packaged tours can show you the highlights of the last great frontier, or you can select a tour that allows you to intensively explore a single region. Packaged tours aren't for everyone.

If this is your first trip or you are only planning one trip in your lifetime, a highlight tour may be the best answer. These tours usually take you Denali National Park, the bigger cities, and a trip to the ocean and fjords of the Alaskan coastline.


If you like to really get to know an area or are planning multiple vacations to the Alaska, an intensive regional or themed tour may be the answer. You can find a tour for nearly anywhere in the state. Adventure tours are perfect if you love the great outdoors and want to experience camping, rafting or mountain climbing. Luxury tours are just right if you prefer comfortable lodging, fine food and a more refined experience.


A standard guided tour isn't for you if you prefer room for spontaneity and don't like following a rigid schedule and herd of other tourists. Self guided or minimally guided tours may be a better option. A self guided tour usually provided you with transportation and lodging in predetermined stops, but you have absolute freedom to explore as you wish in that limited framework. You may travel by bus with other tourists to each destination and you have a guide available for advice on activities and navigation, but beyond that you are on your own.